carlos-vigil-670x48317-year-old Carlos Vigil became the latest teen to take his own life due to bullying. As first reported by KRQE News out of Albuquerque on July 15, Vigil attempted suicide after posting a suicide letter on Twitter.

In the letter, he talks about being bullied which included being teased for being gay and ridiculed for his outward appearance. Like many teens who are bullied, Vigil dealt with internal conflict but turned that into a strength that guided him towards helping others who were also victims. Overall, he just wanted to be accepted like anyone else.

According to Carlos’ mother Jacqueline Vigil, he was very involved in Youth and Government and strived for stronger anti-bullying laws but it became too much for him as he, himself, was unable to escape the harsh and continual harassment. Jacqueline doesn’t feel her son deserved the bullying and is now another parent who lost a child too soon.

Carlos’ father Ray Vigil spoke about his son’s bullying:

“We found out three years ago that he was going through this stuff and we’ve been trying to help him every day since. We realize he’s been going through it every day since he was in the third grade, that’s a long time for a child to hold that within himself.”

Carlos was going into his senior year at Valley High in Albuquerque, has left a lasting effect on classmates who are inspired to continue the message and carry out the fight against bullying.

Carlos’ family took him off of life support early on Tuesday morning after his organs were donated and a fund has been set up in his name. For more info about the fund visit here.