USA Network 2013 Upfront EventWhile some “50 Shades of Grey” fans feel actor Matthew Bomer would’ve been perfect in the casting of Christian Grey, the actor has found another role that will challenge his acting style. As reported by on September 18, Bomer is set to play Hollywood icon Montgomery Clift in an indie film currently being shopped around for financing.

The expected start date for the film to began shooting will be sometime in 2014. Boomer not only resembles Clift who starred in such films as “A Place In The Sun” and “From Here To Eternity” he also shares Clift’s struggle with his sexuality as Clift spent many of his years in the closet, afraid to come out because of fear of how it might ruin his acting career.

For many years Montgomery Clift rivaled Marlon Brando. Known for his good looks, his career took a blow when a car accident left him scared and with a broken nose. He didn’t let the accident impact his acting skills, but it was obvious that he remained haunted by the accident and the mental scars it left on his life. Clift did receive an Oscar nomination for one of his last performances in the movie “Judgement At Nuremberg.”

The role will be a challenging role for Bomer, but one that will highlight his acting range as he will play the four-time Academy Award nominee who lived during a time when his private life had to remain hidden to achieve his dreams of becoming a movie star.