bullying-harmless-thumb-640x480A young teenager in Rome has taken his own life because of anti-gay bullying. As Pink News reports on August 11, a 14-year-old committed suicide because of struggles with acceptance of his sexuality.

The teen killed himself by throwing himself from a balcony. According to reports, he left two messages to his family apologizing. But constant bullying, including text messages on his phone proved to be too much for the teen as he felt he had no one to turn to.

One of the messages read: “I am a homosexual, no one understands my drama and I do not know how to make it acceptable to my family.”

This was a tragedy to family and friends because they didn’t know anything was wrong but often the signs are there but are not clearly seen. Often times, teens are afraid to open up with parents out of fear of non-acceptance and also a fear of being bullied further.

As anti-gay bullying continues to be an issue around the world, there is more urgency for something to be done. Here in America, strides are being made to prevent bullying and bring awareness to youth about the consequences of bullying, but in other countries like Italy, protections against anti-discrimination are further behind.

Just last July, the Lower House of Italy’s Parliament announced that it would begin debating a bill that would make homophobic discrimination a crime but in the meantime there are no protections against anti-gay discrimination and same-sex marriages and civil partnerships are not recognized so acceptance of homosexuality in the country seems a long ways away.

But perhaps with this recent suicide, and a another suicide by another teen back in 2012 who hung himself because of anti-gay bullying, legislation push up their debate on creating a bill that will protect LGBT people in Italy.

It is just not a human rights issue; it is also about the freedom of living.